Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Featured Book - The Serpents of Arakesh

Young Adult Fiction
Author: V.M. Jones

"A bad report is the least of Adam's problems. Abandoned on a doorstep twelve years ago, he has no idea who - or where - his parents are, no friends, nothing he's good at, and nowhere he really belongs.

When Adam stumbles across an entry form for a competition, his luck starts to change. It's a prize he'd give anything to win - the chance to work with software genius Quentin Quested, test-driving a top-secret breakthrough in computer game technology.

Adam enters a world he never dreamed existed. And when Quentin Quested reveals why Adam and his four companions are really there, the boundaries between fantasy and reality begin to break down.

Together, they embark on a quest to the parallel world of Karazan, where the Serpents of Arakesh stand guard over the most precious prize of all..."

The first book on the exciting and thrilling series The Karazan Quartet.

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