Friday, January 09, 2009

The Roar by Emma Clayton

Science Fiction meets the 21st century. It's the sort of book that can distract children from television, now how often do you see that!

Ellie is chased across New London in a fighter, her pet capuchin monkey eating popcorn. Somewhere below, her twin brother has been told that she's dead, but he doesn't believe it, and he's determined to find her.

There's lies, animals, outrage, adults being so stupid only children could believe it, and this rollercoaster of a book doesn't let up until - the end - and not even then - we're all expecting a sequel.

So my advice is, strap yourself into your fighter cockpit, make sure your most trusted dog, mouse, parakeet is by your side -- and escape!

Review by Alicia Ponder

PS. becasue I've been asked so many times I believe the release date for "The Whisper" in NZ is February 2012.  Cross your fingers. :)


oliver said...
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oliver said...

I loved this book!it was fantastic and hopefully there is a sequel

Gabriel said...

This Book was amazing, There is a sequel-right? said...

yes, there is supposed to be a sequel coming out called - "The Whisper" Last month she still didn't have a date for its release and was still working on it - what can I say? - we're being made to wait so it had better be good!


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