Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A Pinch of Magic - review by Joanna Ponder

A Pinch of Magic by Michelle Harrison

Exciting read for 9-12 year olds who like a little high drama and suspense as well as adventure with a bit of magic.

There's nothing like overcoming the odds and Betty Fliss and Charlie have plenty of obstacles on their path to breaking the family curse .

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

The Other Half of Augusta Hope - review by Joanna Ponder

I have just finished reading "The Other Half of Augusta Hope" by Joanna Glen.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and now Arianna is enjoying it too - finding time to read it, even with a baby. It's a book for people who like character and family and heart in their stories. Yes, there is tragedy, but there's also humour, unforgettable characters and a satisfying ending.

Augusta Hope has a much loved twin sister who is very different from her. By six Augusta likes nothing better than to read the dictionary, at seven she is "helping" out the teachers, and at eight she has decided that her favourite country is Burundi which she is determined to visit when she grows up.

After her sister's tragic death, Augusta heads to Spain to start a new life....

What other people are saying: 

‘Keep the tissues close' Good Housekeeping 

‘A beautifully written debut novel with unforgettable characters and an irresistible message of redemption and belonging' Red magazine

‘This gem of a novel entertains and moves in equal measure' Daily Mail

‘Heartening and hopeful' Jess Kidd, author of Things in Jars

‘Mesmerizingly beautiful' Sarah Haywood, author of The Cactus

‘An extraordinary masterpiece' Anstey Harris, author of The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton

‘Gutsy, endearing and entertaining' Deborah Orr

‘Absolutely brilliant' Gavin Extence, author of The Universe Versus Alex Woods

Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday Feature book "The Note through the Wire" by Doug Gold.

Love historical novels?
"The Note through the Wire" by Doug Gold is a true story of love in the middle of war. 
"A WWII prisoner of war, a resistance heroine, and their incredible true story."
Heather Morris, the author of "The Tattooist of Auschwitz" called it "unforgettable" and couldn't recommend it enough. The characters and the history really make this story... "Woven through their tales of great bravery, daring escapes, betrayal, torture and retaliation is their remarkable love story that survived against all odds. This is an extraordinary account of two ordinary people living through the unimaginable hardship of Hitler's barbaric regime."
So there it is, if you loved the Tattooist of Auschwitz, this book should definitely be on your radar. It's certainly on ours.
Thanks for dropping by, we hope to have Friday Book Features coming through next week! :) 


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Welcome to the New Year!

Hi everyone,

I've had a bit of a holiday in terms of blogging, but not in terms of writing. I've been crazy busy with my "The Sylvalla Chronicles" series. It's an amazing amount of fun to be immersed in a world so deeply. I can't wait to publish Prophecy and Omens but in the meantime - I've created a book magnet - a free book, "The Secret Child," in the Sylvalla Chronicles World. For fans it provides a bit of backstory about the wizards and how they relate to Sylvalla and the whole epic fantasy adventure!

The Secret Child is completely free and is as available through Book Cave - all you have to do is sign up to my newsletter - which is awesome, because it's the best way to keep an eye open for specials, and also for the link to the new video trailer for "Quest" that the talented Clem Winfield is about to put out. I hope you enjoy.

For poetry fans, I've got some cute little short excerpts sprinkled through Prophecy and Omens, that I think will be fun to share over the next few Tuesdays amongst maybe some more substantial works by beloved or interesting poets :)


PS  I think that the tuatara eye Clem Winfield animated looks really creepy - do you?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Art of the Arcane Fantasy and Sci Fi Promotion and a chance to win $50...

Arc of The ArcaneSo you love Science Fiction and Fantasy? Winning money, and Free and 99c books? Quick, join up to my newsletter before these offers expire!
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