Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Featured Book - Buddy

Young Adult Fiction
Author: V.M. Jones

"Josh Cranford loves running, soccer, cricket - anything, as long as it's sport. Most of all, he loves to win. Just as one person stands in his way: super-jock Shane Hunter. They clash head to head in everything, and Shane always comes out best... especially where girls are concerned. Makes it feel that way, anyhow.

Then along comes an off-the-wall new teahcer and a wicked new challenge: the Energex Iron Kid Triathlon. The perfect chance to take Shane on and come out on top. Except Josh can't swim. Never has - and vowed he never would. If he's going to enter the triathlon, he'll have to overcome his fear of water..."

A fantastic first novel by V.M. Jones.

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