Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shadowheart by Tad Williams with almost no spoilers

(If you wish to find out more about books one and two of this series, click this link)

I was almost up to FINALLY reading Shadowheart when George RR Martin's latest Game of Thrones came out and I had to put it on the back burner again.  It's times like this where you think maybe two epics in a row is probably going to be too much.  But no.  Shadowheart is an awesome conclusion to this series by one of the greatest fantasy epic writers of the day.  It was like coming home to warm slippers and hot cocoa after being shredded by wolves.  The story was fun, the plot ripped, the poet Tinwright was such a lot of fun.  If I had the tiniest, tiniest complaint - Please Tad, don't do the George thing and call girls manly or whatever because they're in armour.  Besides, armour is actually quite feminine with bulging chest-plates and the flairs at the hips...

Still, if you love epic fantasy, Tad Williams understands epic fantasy in a way so many writers don’t - and I'll go as far as to include George in that number (although here's no doubt the guy can write).  Far from being a let down, the final to this Shadow war series not only holds its own, but I found it the high point of the series.  Well worth reading.  Go and get a copy - it'll keep you quiet for quiet some time.  Enjoy!

mini-review by Alicia Ponder

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