Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Apparently the story behind this book is that the author was flicking between a game show and a war documentary where young people were fighting and dying - and the idea for this book just popped into her head.

And that's really it.  Although it's more of an impossible game show popcorn book than my intro might have you believe.  Think - "the running man" - with kids in an outdoor setting.  Very fast, very pacy and very readable, it's spawned a series of popular books .  Mocking Jay, the last book of the series  was a must on the Kids Christmas present list - so I'm no sure why it too me so long to read the first one - but I'm pleased I did. 

In some ways the whole thing is a bit like Emma Clayton's "The Roar" in that it's almost impossible to put down and it's almost universally liked despite the slight sci fi edge.  The pacing is great, there's always something happening and the kids are the only people who can take on the big selfish badies that run the world.  No matter how absurd it is, it's impossible not to be carried away and just enjoy this phenomenon.

It's a must for any self respecting officianado of the YA genre.

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