Wednesday, September 01, 2010

This and that & "MockingJay" the fiinal hunger games book.

While I've been busy reading, "Sherlock Holmes" an old favourite from Penguin's "classics" section and deciding that anyone who knows anything about science and scientists really shouldn't read "Solar" by Ian McEwan.  The writing fine, but the characterisation of the scientist is downright wrong. On so many levels.  Anyway I know lots of our young readers loved the Hunger Game series and unlike the end of many trilogies, this book, from all accounts, is something special. 

 "Katniss, a teen, despite her limited point of view and adults expecting her to play a predetermined role, has agency. She has the power to change things in a world where adults are blind to their own patterns. Which is why the Hunger Games trilogy makes perfect YA." Quote concluding a well written review about the book by Faye Bi (link below)

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