Friday, July 30, 2010

NZ POETRY BOOKS – 30% plus off for National Poetry Day

30% off poetry books for poetry day - and one week after take advantage of this offer at RONA gallery or contact us through our website

Friday July 30 2010 and applies for a week following.
The discounted price is stated.

Selected Poems of James K Baxter, ed. Paul Millar, $28

$20 books
Fast Talking Pi, Selina Tusitala Marsh [with CD]
Painted Poems – One artist: 20 poets, Eion Stevens
Footfall, Brian Turner [HB]
Shards of Silver, Paul Thompson/NZ poets
The Victims of Lightning, Bill Manhire
Playing God, Glenn Colquhoun

The Tram Conductor’s Blue Cap, Michael Harlow
Just This, Brian Turner
The Lustre Jug, Bernadette Hall
Dear Sweet Harry, Lynn Jenner
The Moonmen, Anna Livesey
Good Business, Ian Wedde
The Worm in the Tequila, Geoff Cochrane
The Mirror of Simple Annihilated Souls, Kate Camp
The Blind Singer, Chris Price

$16.00 Books
Echolocation, Angela Andrews
Lifted, Bill Manhire
The Pop-up Book of Invasions, Fiona Farrell
After the Dance, Michele Amas
The Propaganda Poster Girl, Amy Brown
Mirabile Dictu, Michele Leggott
How to Survive the Morning, Kevin Ireland
Pocket Edition, Geoff Cochrane
The World’s Fastest Flower, Charlotte Simmonds
In Continents, Richard Reeve
Blame Vermeer, Vincent O’Sullivan
The Lakes of Mars, Chris Orsman
Dream Fish Floating, Karlo Mila
Incognito, Jessica le Bas
The End of Atlantic City, David Beach
Aloe, Diana Bridge
Making Lists for Frances Hodgkins, Paula Green
Walls to Kick and Hills to Sing From, Murray Edmond
How to Live beside the Sea, Lynn Davidson
Beauty Sleep, Kate Camp
When the Sun and Moon Collide, Briar Grace-Smith
Mr Maui’s Dialogues, Peter Bland

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