Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"And Another Thing..." by Eoin Colfer from the Douglas Adam's Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy -- universe

Part 6 of the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy is one of the more controversial books to come out this year - all the hard-core Douglas Adams fans were out asking the hard questions before it was even released, like; "is it as good as the original?" "Is it funny?" But most of all, "how dare this upstart take the place of our beloved demigod and creator of the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything?"

Fortunately the answers to the fan's questions don’t require a computer the size of a planet. In terms of readability "And another Thing" is somewhere between the good hitchhiker's books and the crappy hitchhiker's books, with a smattering of fantasy, and good eye to adventure -- which admittedly takes a while coming but is well worth the wait.

In some ways "And another thing" is fresher with more of a story feel, and I liked that a lot, but I thought the humour was also cruder and less godlike and so I liked it less.

And finally, I'm not exactly sure how Eion Colfer had the balls to take on this project knowing full well that he'd be caught in the crossfire of the purists and all the infidel who remain blissfully ignorant of the significance of the number 42. Was it money? Probably. The fun of playing with gods? Well he certainly took that opportunity in both hands. Maybe we do need a computer the size of a planet to answer that question after all.

In the end though, the only real question worth asking is -- is this new instalment of the Hitchhikers guide worth reading, and, yes, I think it is, so don't be shy -- give it a burl -- even if it's only so you can complain about how Eion Colfer should have done everything differently, which is admittedly, rather fun.

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