Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Hollow Tree by Jacob G. Rosenberg

Set in Nazi Germany, a scholar and his family refuse to see that their life is about to be torn apart...

A heartbreaking story of intolerance and love, of bravery and brutality. The simple prose and clean writing are almost as heartbreaking as the story of lovers parted.

A pleasure to read.

Review by Alicia Ponder


Mary McCallum said...

Alicia, I'm reading this book, too, to review - and, puzzled but the formal, almost archaic, language and the feel of a fable rather than a novel, decided to google and see what other reviewers thought ... to find yours! I'm not far into it, so your review is encouraging. said...

I agree - very much a fable - in terms of style and content. I think the formality gives distance, wheras more modern writing would make the story far too wrought, and in many ways destroy the real emotions in this quite dark book.


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