Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ink Exchange, Melissa Marr

The stunning sequel to bestelling Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange leaves you wishing it were real.
Leslie is drowning in her own world of lies, unable to tell the truth of her awful family life, she feels the only way to restore her pride is by claiming a one time tattoo, something to call her own. Tattoo artist Rabbit warns her that this tattoo will change her, but without revealing the link it will create, but Leslie is sure. This is what she wants.
Despite the protection of the Summer Court, Leslie is tangled and trapped in the world of Faery war and rivalry, caught bewteen the love of a summer faery and the irresitible pull of the tattoo that binds her to Irial, King of the Dark Court.
As capturing as it's predecessor, Ink Exchange leads you away from reality into the complex world of the Immortals, leaving you hanging on for the next chapter, and dying for the next dose of Marr.

Praise for Wicked Lovely “Riveting and dark: I love this tale of a smart, tough girl who walks the razor’s edge between an ancient fairy curse and her future!”-- Tamora Pierce, bestselling author
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