Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rona Gallery Exclusive - Michael Ponder's NEW novel

Don't miss the book launch debut of Michael Ponder and his new thriller The Windsor Conspiracy on sale on 1 March 2007.

Observe the exhilarating ride of Michael Ponder's first new novel The Windsor Conspiracy. Ponder stretches his talents further from his beginnings as a artist turning over a new leaf into the literary world. This magnificient thriller published by Random House is available on sale on 1 March 2007. Don't miss your chance to purchase a copy.

The severed finger of a kidnapped man is mailed to newspaper journalist Joanna Doyle, witha a note claiming the victim is none other than HRH Prince Charles. As she ahs just watched an interview with him live on television, Joanne refuses to take the note seriously. Why then the interest of the Secret Service? Why do they demand she relinguish the finger and note to them? Why only hours later is she brutally murdered?

Security expert Simon Dwyer is hired to uncovert he truth in this fast-pced thriller full of intrigue and suspense.From the vastness and hostility of the Australian Outback, to a Medieval Castle protected by 1000 feet of sheer rock, every page brings another twist.

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