Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Exhibition - Annie Hayward "Under Lock and Key"

Opening at the Rona Gallery, 151 Muritai Road, Eastbourne, Lower Hutt New Zealand on the 13 October 2006, at 7pm.

Come and experience the exquisite and reflective view and the world that is of Annie Hayward. See her humourous and the lighter side of life illustrated beautifully in this exhibition!

Inspiration for my paintings starts as little seeds of thought, derived form my own experiences and from observations of life, things my friends say or do and animals I love. The little 'seeds' then begin to reveal themselves to me, like minute stories or scenes in a play, hence the title for this exhibition.

So I invite you, to enter through the portal of my imagination and into my world of the figurative landscape where I endeavour to conjure up artworks that reflect magic, romance and a good dose of humour - all the positive emotions we need in life.. so let the show begin and never end!"
A sample of her paintings are no longer online, under Paintings and Annie Hayward.

I hope to see you at this fabulous exhibition.

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