Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rebuild Sale on Now - 30% off all Rona Gallery Stock

Yes, we're going to be rebuilding the gallery - but in the meantime why don't you save heaps - and just before Christmas, too.

30% off means you can either get 30% more presents OR use the money to go on a longer festive holiday - you choose. 

Love to see you soon.  Hopefully we'll keep you updated of the build as we go.

Gallery will close over Christmas and Boxing Day
Afternoon Hours only 12-4 until the 31st December

Thank you so much for visiting - see you back real soon with a cafe and a beautiful new front inspired by Huderwasser.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

White Cloud Worlds: Opening and Events 2013

We're really excited, there's so much on during this upcoming exhibition.  Looking forward to the White Cloud Worlds Opening, it's going to be crazy busy setting up and we're expecting lots of the artists, including Paul Tobin, Weta artist and founder of White Cloud Worlds and Gino Avecedo who will be speaking on the night about his art and his roles in Weta - so if you want an invite now's the time to ask (Rona Gallery 562 8062) and of course the life drawing demonstration with a costumed model will be fun (Sun 17th).  Gino's also threatened to break out the movie makeup on Sun 10th during the signing which will be seriously awesome.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Wicked, by Gregory Maguire

Loved the idea of this book, but somehow it never delivered on its amazing second promise (not first promise because I thought the first few pages were dreadful) The plot had some interesting twists and turns, but it never really seemed to tie tightly together, the characters were shallow, and they did do stuff, but often for motivationally weak purposes. But most jarring was the changeable style - all the way from fairytale, to political angst, to where can we throw in some totally jarring sexual references, yeah - that'll sell the book.

The sad thing is he was probably right.

Even so I'm glad I read it - which is why it I gave it two stars on goodreads, hell I made it to the end, and there are alot of books where that never happens.  Besides there was something about it - an almost there.  Patches where I just had to know what was going to happen next, and was totally carried away by the story.  For example, I thought, some of the romance between the not quite witch yet, and her lover, was quite well done.

But still, by the end, I was driven totally insane - and am very happy to be moving on to Ian M Banks and the Hydrogen Sonata - and find myself really enjoying his quirky, well written style - (so happy because after this and totally failing to finish the last Wheel of Time book, was beginning to think my love of reading had died.)

Anyway, appologies for the crappy review, perhaps almost as disjointed as the book ;)

Never mind, I've heard the musical is awesome :)

A.J. Ponder

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our New Vlog

The video where Becks is thoroughly nervous, and Alicia is reading a chapter from her book "Wizard's Guide to Wellington,"   Stand by for the next exciting instalment - who will read or perform a book review, will Joanna or Richard be in shot?  will we be able to get the light so the video isn't quite so fuzzy? 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Calling all Artists in the Greater Welllington Area

Young and old, professional or amateur, why not take part in Rona Gallery's The Magic of Wellington Art Competition?  We're looking for pieces of all types that in some way show  Wellington in its true light - by in some way encompassing the theme, "The Magic of Wellington."art

 We're really looking forward to this event - and are expecting some fantastic artwork to arrive - but that's going to rely on YOU - all you artists - sculptors, painters, drawers, computer and photographic geniuses - we're hoping you are going to show us all just how beautiful, fascinating and magical Wellington really is.

See A.J's and local author's latest books at Rona Gallery Books  http://www.ronagallery.co.nz/shop/books


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