Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween is coming early to Rona Gallery 2012

Yes, Halloween came early to Rona Gallery this year, Mary and Joanna came down with witch's disease - seriously cool - but they both could have done with hats to complete their ensemble - and we all had a wonderful evening with the creepy heart of Mansfield's stories turned into something more - more evil, more wicked, and more exciting - but still containing the beating heart of the originals.  Enough to keep not only the teens in the audience fascinated - but also the Mansfield purists. 

So thanks to everyone who came, you were a great audience, and thanks also to Matt and Debbie Cowens for unearthing the macabre in these New Zealand masterpieces and then sharing the process with us.

Be prepared to get scared - and maybe learn a little bit too with Matt and Debbie Cowens and Rona Gallery, Friday 26 October - 6.30 - and yes there will be a couple of spot prizes for the best dressed.
The book is awesome - some great twists make the atmospheric Katherine Mansfield stories into something - just a little scarier.  Don't believe us? Why not read the New Zealand Herald Review here.

"The authors leave much of her sentences intact but they fill her gaps with blood and gore, bloodsuckers, aliens, otherworld creatures, zombies; and they twist the detail here and there to summon the shocking."


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