Friday, March 26, 2010

New Titles Arriving in Rona Gallery Every Day

There have been some great books by very popular authors coming out over the last week or so,  Nicky Pelligrino is a particular favourite using such earthy inspirations as food and family to create wonderful enriching fiction.  -- Ariana couldn't wait to read this book after having truly enjoyed other Nicky Pelligrino stories, the writing is beautiful and the story catchy, but don't expect this story to be wildly different to the others, Nicky Pelligrino writes intimately about food and Italy and embracing the wonderful little moments in life  -- Other favourite authors include the award winning "Small island's" -Andrea Levy's "The Long Song," Jenny Patrick's "Inheritance," and Ian McEwan's "Solar."  To celebrate we're offering 15% off any of these books until the end of March - just mention this blog

We'll have some more reviews for you soon!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson

A romance develops between the retired Major and the village shop owner that is to die for...  This book is about our humanity, our foibles, predjudices, struggles and the things we take delight in - Wendy Pharyzyn

A war of words is raging in Rona Gallery, or to be more accurate a war of books.  Wendy loves this book, she thinks it's far superior to Richard's favourite, Mr Rosenblum's List. 

I wouldn't like to argue.  They are both fantastic books, filled with love and dreams and humanity.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dragon Haven, by Robin Hobb

The dragons of the Rainwild are stunted pitiable things, huge and misshapen that are nothing more than a burden to the fragile Rainwild settlement. They are sent up the river to die, along with their handlers, people like Thymara, children barely crossing into adulthood, scaled and deformed and reviled. But the dragons have a dream, a city where dragons and humans lived together and some of their human companions are willing to face death to find this city -- others are only driven by greed, intending to slaughter the dragons and anyone who stands in their way.

This is the second book of "The Rain Wild Chronicles," so I can only really say that if you liked book one of this series you'll probably like book two. In some ways the story is about as subtle as a sword, and as gentle as an ogre stomping on butterflies. But then I like such things and I also enjoyed this -- in a slightly annoyed, my goodness the publisher could have taken a minute to edit this, frame of mind. The odd spelling mistake I can live with -- the excess repetition not so much. Still, I read the book in about two days, in a please-don't-make-me-put-this-down haze.

Review by Alicia Ponder


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