Monday, September 20, 2010

The Young Sherlock Holmes, Death Cloud by Andrew Lane

Great Concept -

"Two Dead  Bodies
One Unforgettable Hero
The Beginning of a Legend"

This is an "authorised" sequel - and it's pretty good. Lots of excitement, chases, escapes, daring sequences and clever deducing (although I don't believe the word deducing is ever used) I think kids will love it for the most part - but there are one or two pacing issues.  For me there were a couple of points in the story where it really slowed down.  Possibly part of the problem was I'd just read the original Sherlock Holmes.  Very short stories, very clipped and almost modern in their style, although maybe it's not fair (as Watson has not yet entered Sherlock's life) to expect such precision and effortless economy.

Fun aeroplane read for readers around 11-12+

Review by
Alicia Ponder

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