Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

The creator of the very popular Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief branches away from Greek gods and into Egyptian mythology.

What's not to love in this book - the Egyptian mythology, the fast paced plot, the bickering brother and sister all make for a lot of fun. It's pretty mindless fun, an aeroplane read for kids and young adults, with a plot so fast they just wont want to put it down. I know mine didn't. And they love the little touches of "authenticity" through the book, the hieroglyphics and the arguing and the overall arch of the story.

As an adult though I found something a little missing. Yes, I love all the elements - the god of chaos being released, the animals - at least most of them, the plot etc. But the "chosen ones" underpinning jarred. Then this book wasn't written for jaded adults, it was written for teens and I think he's hit that demographic really well. Most especially teens that love mythology and animals and the idea that they could be caught in an epic struggle of good versus evil.

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Monday, August 02, 2010

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, by Seth Grahame-Smith

Just when I thought I wasn't ever going to get wildly excited by another book. This crazy little number comes out. And it's quite wonderfully done.  The author states -

"I wanted as much real history in the book — as much of Lincoln’s real life — as possible."

And I really did feel like Lincoln's voice was coming out of the page, it was quite amazing. And so was Lincoln's life, from a harsh life on the fringes of American settlement, to his term his term as president, he was an amazing figure, still revered by American's today and you can easily see why.

But I think what really sold the book for me was the heart of it. The abhorrence of slavery, and the equating of slavers with vampires just rings true; slavers were people who fed off humanity, and because of that, the fantastical element of vampires somehow doesn't feel like it is going too far, but is used skilfully as a device to highlight man's inhumanity to man. I can't recommend it highly enough.

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Video (this video is laugh out loud fun, and makes me wonder if they do make the movie, can it live up to this little trailer?)

Game ap (I don't give money for such things but apparently if you want to kill Booth, the guy who killed Lincoln this is your chance - BUT you must be 17 years old to download the app)

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