Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hyddenworld, Spring

Despite twisting fantasy with reality, despite all the hype, I eventually gave up on ever making my way through this piece of very unevenly plotted fantasy.

It's beautifully presented.  The mythology isn't all completely borrowed.  There is a plot, half of which is not too bad.  But I've read too many similar books to be blown away by any supposed originality here and I suspect despite that despite the fact that this is a "fantasy" book, it's not so much for fantasy readers.  Especially not sophisticated ones who dislike an entire chapter on the set-up of a city. 

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Becky said...

That is too bad. I was actually looking forward to reading "Hydden World Spring." Oh well.

If you ever want to read a fantastic book, however, you should check out "The Testings of Devotion" by Cheryl Dellasega- newest book in her newest "The Heavenly Host" series. If there is such a thing as factual fantasy, "Testings of Devotion" would be it!

AJ Ponder said...

Cheers, we're always on the lookout for good books.
I think maybe I've been spoilt rotten by Tad William's novels - they do have similar issues in terms of needing the plot to be tightened in places, but I think overall they're a far better read.


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