Monday, May 26, 2008

Caught on Canvas and Painted days

Caught on Canvas and Painted Days - by Richard Ponder
(The painted days colour - is the more accurate colour for the books)

And today we're offering our readers
the pair for only $50

Caught on Canvas showcases
wellington, the city,
and wraps it
Richard Ponder's artwork.

Painted Days is that book nobody should be without
a calender of occasions,
adress book

and general infromation
christmas card list
family tree
notes and quotes

Friday, May 23, 2008


Congratulations to Matt Harrison, Winner of a $20 voucher for
this month’s plastic bag
recycling draw.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Stephanie Meyer, Author of the immensely popular "twilight series" has an inimitable style that draws you into the story.
In, "The Host" society has been over-run by aliens who take over human bodies, but Melanie is a fighter, she refuses to just fade away. Her love beomes a central holding point of the story, and the only way she has of keeping her indentity until she finds that she is not the only one trying to fight back.
A highly enjoyable read, and although I did not enjoy this as much as the twilight series, it's still a must read for any Stephanie Meyer Fan.
$32 only, Mon 19- Mon 26 May

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wendy's Pick
Hunting and Gathering $22.50 this week only, until the 19th of May or while stocks last - you know the usual disclaimer -- although you will be able to order it.
O.K. Yes, it's been made into a movie, but as with nearly all really good books the movie doesn't hold a patch on the book.
Quirky and endearing French novel about three disperate characters, Camille, an artist who is working as a cleaner.
Philbert, an erudite French aristocrat who sells postcards for a living and Franck, an angry chef, who loves his grandmother dearly, but could otherwise be described as womanising and cantankerous.
This is the story of how they come to care for one another as a family and regain their faith in humanity.

Monday, May 05, 2008

book of the week

Of course we're all very excited about Fiona Kidman's coming over on Thursday morning, but I thought it was about time we did something different with this blog, and started instituting a book of the week. And I did wonder about the book I'm currently reading, "An arsonists guide to writer's homes in new england" but decided that was probably in poor taste - however fun and interesting the book has turned out to be, besides I'm at home and I'm not sure how many copies we have left.

So Darwin Road it is,

RRP $34.99 but Just $30 for the day of thurs 8th May-and possibly only if you ask for Alicia. I'm not sure if we're giving that to everybody yet and although this isn't technically a week - the next one will be.

Have fun, people, and if you're reading this before sun 11 May - don't forget that's mother's day, and I know I'm going to be expecting my breakfast in bed. Also I'd appreciate it if anybody out there has an idea for a great book of the week you can leave me a note or just tell me, and I'll try and make sure you get a good price for a whole week.


Alicia Ponder of Rona Gallery


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