Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Featured Book - Forgotten Voices Of the Second World War

Adult Non-Fiction
Author: Max Arthur

A new history of World War Two in the words of the men and women who were there. A very compelling book. Follows the publication of the remarkable Forgotten Voices of the Great War.

Featured Book - The Serpents of Arakesh

Young Adult Fiction
Author: V.M. Jones

"A bad report is the least of Adam's problems. Abandoned on a doorstep twelve years ago, he has no idea who - or where - his parents are, no friends, nothing he's good at, and nowhere he really belongs.

When Adam stumbles across an entry form for a competition, his luck starts to change. It's a prize he'd give anything to win - the chance to work with software genius Quentin Quested, test-driving a top-secret breakthrough in computer game technology.

Adam enters a world he never dreamed existed. And when Quentin Quested reveals why Adam and his four companions are really there, the boundaries between fantasy and reality begin to break down.

Together, they embark on a quest to the parallel world of Karazan, where the Serpents of Arakesh stand guard over the most precious prize of all..."

The first book on the exciting and thrilling series The Karazan Quartet.

Featured Book - Buddy

Young Adult Fiction
Author: V.M. Jones

"Josh Cranford loves running, soccer, cricket - anything, as long as it's sport. Most of all, he loves to win. Just as one person stands in his way: super-jock Shane Hunter. They clash head to head in everything, and Shane always comes out best... especially where girls are concerned. Makes it feel that way, anyhow.

Then along comes an off-the-wall new teahcer and a wicked new challenge: the Energex Iron Kid Triathlon. The perfect chance to take Shane on and come out on top. Except Josh can't swim. Never has - and vowed he never would. If he's going to enter the triathlon, he'll have to overcome his fear of water..."

A fantastic first novel by V.M. Jones.

Featured Book - On Golf

Adult Fiction
Author: Timothy O'Grady

"Weather, hazards, poor co-ordination, erratic biorhythms, hangovers and an unruly mind and statistical improbability - these are just a few of the obstacles hitting a pure golf shot. On Golf is structured around a personal history - how the game dominated O'Grady's teenage years, the glorious occasion when he got to play a round with Arnold Palmer - and above all the bond, which, through golf, O'Grady shared with his father."

Featured Book - Going Postal

Young Adult Fiction
Author: Terry Pratchett

"Moist von Lipwig is a con artist and a fraud and a man faced with a life choice: be hanged or put Ankh-Morpork's ailing postal service back on its feet.

It's a tough decision.

But he's got to see that the mail gets through, come rain, hail, sleet, dogs, the Post Office Worker's Friendly and Benevolent Society, the evil chairman of the Grand Trunk Semaphore Company, and a midnight killer..."

Another fantastic novel under the Discworld Series not to miss.

Featured Book - The Colour Of Magic

Young Adult
Author: Terry Pratchett

"Somewhere on the frontier between thought and reality exists the Discworld, a parallel time and place which might sound and smell very much like our own, but looks completely different. It plays by different rules. Certainly it refuses to succumb to the quaint notion that universes are ruled by pure logic and the harmony of numbers.

But just because the Disc is different doesn't mean that somethings don't stay the same. Its very existence is about to be threatened by a strange new blight: the arrival of the first tourist, upon whose survival rests the peace and prosperity of the land..."

A commerative 21st anniversary Edition of the first of the ever popular Discworld series, created by one of the funniest English authors alive.

Featured Book - Skinny Dip

Adult Fiction
Author: Carl Hiaasen

"Joey Perrone is a woman with a mission. She's just been pushed overboard from a cruise liner by Chaz, her scumbag husband, and is survived to tell the tale. But rather and reporting her husband to the police, she decides to stay dead and - with a little help from her friends and a few of Chaz's enemies - instead of getting mad, get even."

A hilarious, romantic and thought-provoking novel.

Featured Book - A Corner of A Foreign Field

Non-Fiction Adults
Author: Ramachandra Guha

Nineteenth Century England gave the world the railroad, electricity and the theory of evolution, but also football, rugby and hockey. The major team sports were all invented in one island, as were the popular racket games of badminton, table tennis and tennis...Cricket is a game played with finesse and skill and lacks the element of physical contact and occasional brutality. Guha argues that as a national sport Indian cricket has no parallel in the world...original, highly entertaining work.

Featured Book - The Golem's Eye

Young Adult Fiction
Author: Jonathan Stroud

The young magician Nathaniel is fast rising through the government ranks. His most urgent task is to put an end to the mysterious Resistance, but Kitty and her friends continue to elude him. As the pressure mounts, London is suddenly threatened by a new series of terrifying attacks. Is the Resistance - or something more dangerous? Nathaniel is forced to embark on a dangerous misson to the enemy cit of Prague, and to summon once again, the troublesome, enigmatic and quick-witted djinni, Bartimaeus.

Thrilling sequel to The Amulet of Sarmarkand

Featured Book - The Last Resort

Junior Fiction - Picture Book
Authors: Roberto Innocenti, J. Patrick Lewis

"On an afternoon like any other, an artist's imagination abruptly disappears - and never returns. His quest to recover it leads him to The Last Resort, a remote seaside hotel visited by some of the most remarkable guests. As he searches for his lost "inward eye" in this serene and mysterious place, he soon finds that he is not only one looking for something. With rich and enchanting illustrations by Roberto Innocenti and a captivating story by J. Patrick Lewis, the Last Resort is both a celebration of literature and a homage to the power of imagination"


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